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#1 Relationship Coach for Men and Women

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Most men have an "Attraction" problem and most women have a "Selection" problem. Overcome them by the POWERFUL techniques I teach and live your DREAM life.


My Story

Buddhist Monk to a Relationship Coach

Chris has a very interesting, diverse and adventurous journey both on personal and professional fronts. He has an UG degree from NIT-K Surathkal in Mechanical Engineering. While there, he pursued the life of a Buddhist monk for 5 years by living in a temple and following austere practices of monkhood.

Post that he went to the US to pursue a masters in Robotics and published 3 international papers, including graduate thesis work. Further he worked for about a year, got his H1-B visa but very soon quit his job to come back to India to pursue a travel venture. He raised about Rs. 1.5 crore in VC funding, heading a team of 20 techies but had to close after 3 years due to a tough market.

Along the way, due to some unique circumstances, he ended up authoring the very first book in India on Dating called “Art of Dating for Indian Men” which is available now in Amazon. He has been a dating/lifestyle/motivation coach for many single professionals and some popular Instagram influencers, and for both men and women. He currently works for an American Startup leading their team on Product, Marketing and Data Science initiatives.

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